About Us

HITMVN Fine Jewels & Luxury Items is a world class jewellery store specialising in high-end jewellery pieces. We are based within the Johannesburg region of South Africa and are a proudly South African company. We provide an end-to-end service encompassing design, manufacturing and assembly in order to satisfy all customer needs and requirements.

Our key business involves the design and creation of jewellery pieces.

At HITMVN, we strive to create pieces which are unique to our brand and not found anywhere else in the world. We only use the highest quality material, and if we can’t find them, we design our own unique pieces according to the innovative ideas, designs and visions which are then brought to life, by our highly skilled production team.

Our HITMVN products are truly a see it to believe it product, in all aspects. Our attention to detail is the key differential within our products, and that is the HITMVN methodology which we portray.

We are HITMVN.


What we do:

At HITMVN, we simply execute the necessary plans in order to bring a design to life. We design each product as a masterpiece of its own, each bracelet is as unique as the individual wearing it. We believe this brings about a unique feel to each of our products as the piece you own is distinct from other products within our range, giving you a personalised item of jewellery which can never be replicated.

We strive for excellence and through continuous developments and innovation, we will make sure that our products are of this same excellent standard.

The HITMVN standard.